Frequently Asked Questions

how do i book an appointment?

Please call to book an appointment. 

Please tell the receptionist the nature of the visit at the time of booking. (i.e. prescription refill, counseling, diabetic review, pap smear, driver’s medical) – This information is necessary to the proper amount of time can be booked in the schedule as some issues take longer than others. Physical exams take half an hour which may mean they may need to be booked weeks in advance. 

Why does the receptionist ask me why i am requesting to see the doctor?

The reason we ask for the nature of the visit is because we want to ensure you have the right amount of time and the appropriate health care provider. All information provided by the patient is strictly confidential.

Fees for Uninsured Services

Back to Work Notes/small notes $25
Disability Tax Credit $125
Driver’s Physical $155
Massage/Physio/Orthotics $25
School Physical $200
School Form $80
Daycare Form $40
Camp Physical – camp work $80
Camp Physical – child $60
Work Physical $200
Immunization Record Replacement $10
Travel Ins. Cancellation/Cert. of Health $75 – for just the form
$110 – form and
Unemployment Form $30
Photocopying first 20 pages $30
Copies after 20 pages $0.25 page
Transfer of records $30
Functional Abilities $50
Attending Physician Statement $50

What if i miss an appointment?

Missed appointments happen but cause major issues. That appointment could have been used by another patient. This causes an increase in booking and wait times for both your and other patients. Please call to cancel if you cannot attend your appointment. If a patient misses 3 consecutive appointments without cancelling they may be removed from a practitioners practice.

What if i am late for an appointment?

Please check in with the reception staff. They will consult with the health professional for direction. If you are 5-10 minutes late for an appointment it may result in the health care provider not being able to see you as they need to move onto the next patient in their schedule.

how do i get a prescription renewed?

Call your pharmacy and ask them to send a request to the doctor for a renewal. 

How do i become a patient?

We are accepting new patients. Pick up a patient application from the screening desk at the backdoor or pharmacy. Ensure the form is fully completed and either mail or drop it off at the office. We will contact you once we process your form.

New patient applications

What is my responsibility as a patient?

To better serve your health needs, it is important to keep all your personal information current in our records. Please inform reception of any changes to your address, home, work and/or cell phone number(s), and pharmacy you use for your prescription needs.

Please bring your health card to every visit. It is the patient’s responsibility to carry a valid health card. If you need to renew your health card, please visit Service Ontario. No appointment is needed, but they require ID for each renewal. Please visit the Service Ontario Website for more information.

*OHIP does not cover the cost of the visit if patients do not have a valid, up to date health card.

Patients will be charged for their visit if they have already been informed by our front staff and come in to see their physician without a current health card.

what is a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner provides care to patients of all ages with a focus on preventing disease and promoting good health. They are part of your health care team and consult with your physician as need. Nurse Practitioner’s play an important role in helping you to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, and to understand and/or treat your illness. They also work with your community to promote good health and prevent disease. As a member of your health care team, Nurse Practitioner’s offer a variety of health care services including the ability to: 

  • diagnose and treat illness and/or injuries,
  • perform physical check-ups, 
  • order and interpret diagnostic tests, 
  • write prescriptions 
  • provide counselling and education, 
  • provide supportive care through illness, 
  • provide treatments and/or procedures  
  • make referrals
are there after hours appointments available?

Yes, there are evening and Saturday appointments available through our urgent care clinic. Urgent care problems are considered  – workplace injuries, cough, cold, sore throat, ear and eye infections, rashes and minor acute problems etc. Please note: In case of severe shortness of breath, chest pain and all fractures you should call 911 or go directly to your local emergency department. Please note: Due to urgent care clinics being provided on premises, we ask that you do not use walk-in-clinics. Also, the walk-in-clinics are not obligated to provide your physician with any information collected at your visit.